Nebraska Vortex Intercept Team
May 17, 2000 Storm Chase

All Images © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL

We had 4 cars and a total of 11 people on this storm chase.

We left Lincoln at 11 AM and stopped at the Hastings, NE NWS Office.

We were given an update on the various forecast products and current observations.

Here, Ken Drozd, (lower left corner of the photo) lead forecaster at the NWS office 
and graduate of the UNL meteorology program briefs part of our group

Gathering together outside the Hastings, NE NWS office with several copies of the 
latest NWS weather maps, the students then discussed where the target intercept 
area should be and how to get there.
We positioned ourselves in Arapahoe, Nebraska, just east of Mc Cook, NE and 
south of Lexington, NE.  The warm front was about 25 miles to the north and 
the dry line had just pushed through Mc Cook.  Convective initiation had begun 
and the cell shown here became a small supercell within 20 minutes.
May 17 Photo Set 2
May 17 Photo Set 3
May 17 Photo Set 4

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