Photo Set 4
Nebraska Vortex Intercept Team
May 17, 2000 Chase

All Images © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL

The Alma City and Rural Fire Department spotters joined us on the hill.  Several 
small funnels tried forming, but once again the shear seemed so strong that the 
thunderstorm was ripped apart.  It also seemed that the storm was moisture starved
The wall cloud had an interesting structure with two areas lowering toward the ground. 
Dust was blowing all around us as noted by the brown haze near the surface.  Only a 
few drops of rain fell from the storm and lightning would from time to time produce a 
spider web pattern at the base of the anvil behind us. 
At this point we learned that several convective cells had merged near Interstate 80 
just east of North Platte and a tornado warning had been issued.  As we drove north 
toward Interstate 80, the inflow was producing a dust storm and the dew point as
measured on board one of our vehicles had dropped to 37 F.  The storm was racing 
northward at 35 mph and we were, along with most chasers, not going to catch this one.
Although we were technically in the right place near the triple point, the storms 
south of the warm front were starved for moisture and the dynamics were too strong, 
ripping apart the supercell structure.   Those few who earlier went into the totally 
cloud covered region at and north of the warm front were able to intercept the tornado 
as it formed in northern Frontier county, crossed the Interstate and destroyed some 
homes in Maxwell, NE which is in Lincoln County. 
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