The Dempster Highway (Southbound), Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory Canada - Summer 2008

ALL Photos © K. Dewey, School of Natural Resources, Applied Climate Sciences, UNL.

Photo Set Five

Crossing the Arctic Circle on the Dempster Highway This portion of the road (those are exposed rocks) was bone jarring and we reduced our speed to less than 10 mph for several miles.
The Eagle Plains Hotel, our overnight stay they offer a FREE carwash for those staying at the hotel
A clean car emerges, but it only stays clean for an hour before we run into more rain & mud
Purple fireweed along the Dempster Highway Fireweed along the Dempster Highway
Pot holes and an oncoming camper sharing my lane! Not good. Fortunately there was very little traffic, just lots of potholes
An Arctic Thaw Lake resulting from climate warming in this
area and underlying permafrost melting.
 "Two Moose Lake" along the Dempster Highway.  There were no moose went we went north, but several when we returned south
"Thaw Lakes" are evidence of a rapidly
changing climate  in the Arctic.

Thaw lakes were also evident in the Alaska Arctic.

Click here
for the photo set from the Alaska Arctic,
Dalton Highway, which has more
information about Thaw Lakes.
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Dempster Highway scenery Dempster Highway scenery
Dempster Highway scenery More car rattling, bone jarring potholes
We saw numerous vehicles with flat tires resulting from
hitting these potholes
We had new mud and snow tires on a small SUV and had NO tire problems. We still recommend though having extra spare tires.
We rounded a curve and found another hazard, the trimming of brush on the shoulder of the Dempster highway. After an almost 1,000 mile round trip on rough roads we return to the beginning point of the highway.  Spectacular scenery and seeing the midnight sun north of the Arctic Circle made it all worthwhile!

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