The Lost Town of Lemoyne, Nebraska Emerges from Lake McConaughy
November 12, 2004
all images:  © K. Dewey, SNR, UNL.

The town of Lemoyne, Nebraska was abandoned over 60 years ago
With the water level of Lake McConaughy dropping over 60 feet, the town has reappeared.

PHOTO: November 12, 2004
These are the tree stumps of the trees that once lined the streets of Lemoyne.

PHOTO: November 12, 2004
The houses and stores were disassembled and moved to higher ground (where the current Lemoyne, NE stands today).
Therefore, the only items remaining were broken pottery (note the small white pieces in the foreground),
and some trash (note the broken pottery amidst some trash at the top of the photo.

PHOTO: November 12, 2004
The footings for a business that once stood in the center of Lemoyne.

PHOTO: November 12, 2004
Tree stumps mark the location of where Lemoyne, Nebraska once stood.

PHOTO: November 12, 2004
Look carefully and you can see that there is still a part of the lost city of Lemoyne that is still partially under water.
A pillar is visible near the upper right corner and some footings are visible in the upper left as well.

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