UNL AMS Chapter Field Trip - April 25, 2003
"A Tour of the Channel 10/11 Weather Office and
Broadcast Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska"

All Photos© K. Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL.

Our host, Chief Meteorologist Ken Siemek, poses with the UNL AMS Chapter students

Outside weather cast during the 5 PM show. Tyson Pearsall and Ken Siemek in the weather office.
Deb Collins and Jon Vanderford in the news room. UNL Met. Club students on the set prior to the 6 PM show.
Two students check out the interview corner. The students watching the broadcast. 
Deb, Jon and Ken waiting for their cue to go on-air. Deb, Jon and Ken near the end of the broadcast
Ken's weathercast.  Note the blank green background and the monitor behind him with the graphic superimposed with Ken. Ken has nothing behind him but the green screen, however, note the actual broadcast on the monitor with the globe and the graphics.
Ken gave the students a run through on how he prepares the weather presentation each day. Ken spent time after the broadcast and tour to visit with our students.
Justin, one of our graduate students tries his hand at the fine art of giving a TV weather presentation. Note again how there is actually nothing behind Justin, yet in the broadcast the weather graphic appears behind him.

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