Sarah, UNL Undergraduate Meteorology Major
gives an account of a June 10, 1999 chase
and a June 28, 1999 chase.
June 10, 1999:  Outside of Strasburg, CO on I-70.  This storm was the greenest storm I have ever seen, and yes, it was very windy.  The gust front from this storm  was kicking up a lot of dust and produced some brief  "gustnadoes". (This storm also produced softball-sized  hail, luckily we didn't witness it!!!)

Later on June 10, 1999...we continued east ahead of the storm.  The storm's gust front produced a very nice "shelf" cloud. 

June 28, 1999: This supercell was developing along the southern Wyoming/Nebraska border.

June 28, 1999: A small tornado formed out of the supercell we were chasing.  It touched down outside of Scottsbluff, NE. 

June 28, 1999: The tornado is barely visible but can be seen in the center of the photograph as a narrow gray funnel touching down in the hills in the distance.

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