Lower Platte River Corridor Alliance
Air Boat Tour 2005 - August 29, 2005

Photo Gallery 3 - all photos  © Ken Dewey, SNR, UNL.

One of the stops, mid-day, included a tour of a sand and gravel pit located along the Platte River.

The owners of this business have  worked closed with the Alliance and have a model operation
which has minimal environmental impact on the Platte River.

One of major problems along the Platte corridor has been the invasion of noxious weeks.  The
purple plant shown here (purple loosestrife), is a huge user of water and clogs the channels of the river.
Extensive efforts have been undertaken to remove this weed along with several others along the river corridor.

The morning and mid-day clouds helped hold down the temperatures into the 70's, unlike the 100 + F
degree heat that blasted the area the previous weekend.  There was evidence of several large fish
kills due to the excessive heat and high water temperatures the previous weekend.

The river had dropped a foot in depth by late afternoon exposing the river bed.  The sand is constantly in
motion beneath the river and evidence of its movement is left behind here after the water level dropped.

The river is also constantly meandering and cutting into the shoreline.  Here, near Fremont,
a small community of cottages is attempting to slow that erosion with thousands of
old tires placed along the bank of the river.

This is one of the largest air boats to be found on the Platte and evidence of commerce
generated by tourists to the area.
The air boat shown here belongs to Bryson's airboat tours, 402-968-8534

Some of the air boats have put cartoon like drawings to decorate the wind baffles in back of the boat.

Some more photos of the tour along the river.




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