May 8, 1927
North Platte, NE
Southwest of town, outbuildings destroyed.
Southwest of town.  Had a large 2-story house with a hot air furnace destroyed and all the barns 
and out buildings were completely destroyed.  Only the silo remains and part of the wrecked house.
North Platte, NE
This is across the road and a little farther north. 
You can see it in the background of the Chas Toirien photo (next photo).
Northwest of town, all of buildings wiped out.
Southwest of town.
I received a telephone call from Mary (Shaul) Blowers who lives near San Diego, CA.  She was born on May 8, 1927 in North Platte, NE.  She moved to California in 1937, but heard from her family that a tornado had occurred on her birthday.  She asked me to research any background information on this tornado, and in return, she sent me the postcard pictures that her family had preserved all of these years.

The information under each photo is directly from the other side of each postcard.

I turned to Tom Grazulis's incredible resource, "Significant Tornadoes, 1680-1995", produced as part of their Tornado Project , and acquired the following information about this tornado:

Nebraska, May 8, 1927.  Time 6:15 (Local standard time).  0 killed, 3 injuries, 100 yard wide damage path, path length was 15 miles.  F3 classification.  Tornado moved NNW, passing 5 miles west of North Platte, crossing the North Platte River east of Hershey.  F3 damage occurred on four of the eight farms that were damaged,  There were $45,000 in damages.

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