May 2-5, 2001
Heavy Rains in Eastern Nebraska

 Photos © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL.

The flood waters contained in Holmes Lake have spilled over onto the park lawns and almost onto North Holmes Lake Drive. Holmes Lake Dam, in the distance, with trees and a picnic table stranded in flood water.
May 5, 2001, the east branch of Holmes Lake at 70th Street is overflowing in flood water.  Note the old weeds from last year,  sticking out of the flood water. May, 2000, the same area of Holmes Lake covered by weeds and tall grasses.  Grassy areas were brown due to drought conditions.
One of the parking lots is partially covered by flood water. Far east Lincoln at about 93rd and Pine Lake Road shows a large amount of standing water in a farm field.

"S.E. Nebraska Storms Spawn Tornadoes, Flood Warnings"
"Region's Rivers Overflow as Rain Bathes Midlands"

Measured Precipitation Totals May 2-5, 2001
Lincoln: 4.45 inches
(this exceeds the normal total for the entire month which is 3.90 inches)
Grand Island:  3.46 inches
Hastings: 3.52 inches
Norfolk: 3.52 inches
Omaha, Eppley Airfield:  3.62 inches
Omaha NWS, Valley, NE:  4.90 inches

Radar Loop
2200 GMT (5 PM CDST) May 4 through 0400 GMT May 5 (11 PM CDST, May 4).
Note the extensive shield of rain across the region and
the snow falling in the Denver, Colorado region.

Radar Estimated Precipitation 12Z (7 AM CDST) May 4 to 12Z (7 AM CDST) May 5.

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