May 17, 2005
North Platte, Nebraska

All Images © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL

UNL students Melissa and Lawren busy photographing storms

Chad Kauffman (former Ph.D. graduate of UNL in the middle) with his students from Pennsylvania.

Lawren being chased by a tornado

Melissa using our live radar coverage from our mobile threat net system

our students collecting storm data

The students continue to monitor the weather.



this was the only tornado warned storm of the day

looking like fog, this is wind blown dust in winds that exceeded 50 mph

The little white rectangle (next to the letter P of North Platte) is the GPS location of our car as displayed on the radar map.


The two red circles on the next radar image is the indication of a tornado signatures on radar.
The little white rectangle just below the bottom red circle is the position of the car.

The little white symbol on the next radar image shows our car as we safely navigate between the storms toward home.



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