August 8, 2005
Water Status of Lake McConaughy

Photo:  Melissa Melvin, NDMC.  The boat ramp leading to Lake McConaugy (near the town of
LaMoyne) now leads to a grassy surface which is several miles away from open water.

The Lake surface is currently (August 8, 2005) at 3207.0 feet Above Sea Level.
The surface of Lake McConaughy reached a record low of 3197.5 feet in September 2004.
Lake McConaughy was at an elevation of 3204.0 feet above Sea Level one year ago August 8, 2004.

It is significant to note that the Lake has only risen 3.0 feet compared to the same date a year ago.
August 8, 2004: 3204.0 feet above sea level
August 8, 2005: 3207.5 feet above sea level

The Lake is currently 57.5 feet BELOW the normal level of 3265 feet

Photo:  Melissa Melvin, NDMC.  The two red lines point to the "bathtub ring"  where
the height of the Lake level is normally located.

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