JUNE 3, 1980 Tornadoes

Looking west from the western edge of Grand Island the 
night of the tornadoes. 
Satellite image at 6:15 CST (7:15 CDST).  Note the thunderstorm 
building over Grand Island.
The eastern edge of the thunderstorm clouds were reaching t
he Missouri River at 7:15 PM CST.
The thunderstorm was basically stationary over Grand Island with 
the anvil of the thunderstorm reaching Des Moines by 8:45 PM.
It is now, 9:15 PM CST, 10:15 CDST and the thunderstorm is still 
the only storm in Nebraska and remains over Grand Island.
This is the only known photo of the Grand Island tornadoes.  The picture is 
looking north from North Johnson Drive.  A tornado is in the center, 
and another  twister is at the left . Photo Courtesy of Rod Gartner.