JUNE 3, 1980 Tornadoes
Damage Photos
All Images © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL

Meves Bowling alley on East Bismark Street from the air.
Inside the same bowling alley.  Note the cars on lanes 1 and 2.  
The bowling balls were untouched and unmoved by the tornado.
This photo clearly shows the danger of driving during a tornado with 
the 2x12 impales through the he front windshield, through the seat 

headrest and out the back of the truck.

This view, taken from the air looks north up Locust street 
from near Hwy. 34 (Husker Hwy.).
Residents of Grand Island began the almost impossible task of 
sifting through the debris trying to find valuables.
Despite the utter chaos of debris, the residents of Grand Island still 
found the value of humor.  Note the message.