JUNE 3, 1980 Tornadoes
Damage Photos
All Images © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL

South of Starr Elementary school, at the center of the worst damage.
The destroyed Dairy Queen on Locust Street.
The Starr Elementary School Auditorium completely collapsed showing that 
any free span auditorium structures are unsafe in a tornado.
Monfort Beef of Colorado donated several refrigerated trucks to keep 
food cooled.   The American Red Cross assists.
There were some attempts at humor.  Apartment on the left "My goodness Toto, 
I don't think we're in Nebraska anymore" and on the right,
"Gone with the wind, frankly my dear I don't give a damn".
Looking north on Locust street, all was in shambles and there was no 
electricity serving much of this area of Grand Island.