The fall tradition continues.  Saturday, September 7, 2002.

This was the 250th consecutive sellout at Memorial stadium, a streak that dates back to the 1960's.
Nebraska played the Utah State Aggies on a hot summer like evening.  Temperatures were in the mid 90's
at the start of the game at 6 PM and cooled only to the lower 80's by the end of the game at 9 PM.

All Images © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL

UNL meteorology majors Matt and Keeley sell balloons 
outside the stadium prior to the game.
A large flag, mounted on a crane flew over Memorial stadium 
in commemoration of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack.
With the late afternoon sun casting long shadows across the campus, the Big Red faithful began to arrive. With a 6 PM kickoff, the sea of red on the east side of memorial stadium was in the shadow of the stadium.
A large air force jet flew over the stadium as part of the 
September 11, 2001 commemoration activities.
The attendance of 78,176 was a new record high for Memorial stadium.  One more time, memorial stadium became the 
3rd largest city in Nebraska
The "tunnel walk" began with a video display showing the traditions of football at UNL.
The "tunnel walk" began with a video display showing the traditions of football at UNL.
The team entered the field as with the sun baking the east side 
of the stadium, however the floor of the stadium was in shade.
The UNL alumni band (in the middle foreground) joined 
the 2002 Marching Band for the patriotic half-time show.
As the evening progressed, the sun set behind the west side of
the stadium in crystal clear air and the winds became quite light.
The dry air helped make the heat, with temperatures still in 
the high 80's, seem a little more bearable.
The final drive of the evening found the stadium still 
relatively packed with the announcement that a fireworks
show was to follow the game.
The fireworks show was brief but spectacular and 
commemorated Nebraska's 250th consecutive sellout.

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