February 24-25, 2007
Spring -Like Storm brings, heavy rain,
lightning and heavy wet snowfall to Nebraska

New daily precipitation records set on February 25, 2007:
Hastings: new record  0.68 inches: old record was  0.54 inches set in 2001
Lincoln:  new record 0.82 inches; old record was 0.75 inches set in 2001
Norfolk:  new record  0.78  inches:  old record was  0.45 inches set in 1934
Omaha Eppley:   new record 0.80 inches:  old record was  0.54  inches set in 1935

All Images ©  K. Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL.

Official snowfall measurement was 1.5 inches at the airport with up to 4 inches in southeast Lincoln, NE

Strong winds produced significant drifting in southeast Lincoln, NE.

Although the snowfall wasn't very deep, it was very wet and heavy.

Most roads in Lincoln were coated with slushy snow since the temperatures remained near freezing.

Clearing a rural Lancaster County road

A flooded field in rural Lancaster County due to heavy rainfall and melting snowfall.

By late afternoon, unplowed roads in Lincoln had turned to slush.

Three cars abandoned along I-80 just east of Lincoln, NE.  The Interstate surface is now dry but last evening it was very icy.

24 hours after the storm and this Lincoln street remains unplowed with deep ruts.



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