CPSWS 2006 -Photo Gallery -
Indoor Exhibits 1

The crowded exhibit hall at CPSWS 2006.  Crowds filled the exhibits all day long.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder Colorado, Education and Outreach exhibit.

The photo exhibit by Mike Peregrine drew a lot of attention including from the media as shown here.

Mike Peregrine with his spectacular storm photographs in the exhibit hall

The first severe storms expert at the Weather Channel, Vince Miller was on hand to
show and sell the DVD's The Storms of 2005 and the Storms of 2004 as well as the
Weather Calendar that he creates each year.

The Air Force Weather Agency,Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Exhibit

The exhibit for Heartland REACT

The FREE posters provided to the public by NASA.

The Lincoln Animal Control Exhibit

The Canine Crisis Support Team exhibit

Mike Utley - struckbylightning.organdRon Holle - consultant to Vaisala Inc., Tucson, Arizona,
hand out lightning information and lightning safety magnets in the exhibit hall.

The Civil Air Patrol exhibit

The National Weather Service (Omaha/Valley, Nebraska) exhibit

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency Exhibit

The Lincoln Amateur Radio Club exhibit

The Lincoln Fire Department exhibit.

Lancaster County Emergency Management

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