July 6, 1998 Cozad, NE Tornado

photo credits:  Gary Banzaf and Darrel Kostman

Storm Data Summary:
Event: Tornado
Begin Date: 06 Jul 1998, 03:25:00 PM CST
Begin Location: 5 Miles East of Cozad
Begin LAT/LON: 40°52'N / 99°52'W
End Date: 06 Jul 1998, 03:25:00 PM CST
End Location: 5 Miles East South East of Cozad
End LAT/LON: 40°52'N / 99°52'W
Length: 1 Mile
Width: 20 Yards
Magnitude: F0
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0
Property Damage: $ 0.0
Crop Damage: $ 20.0K
State: Nebraska
Map of Counties
County: Dawson

Two small and short lived tornadoes were spawned from an isolated 
thunderstorm over central Dawson county. In each case, reports indicated the tornadoes lasted only a few seconds and touched down in the middle of cornfields.

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