The Alaska Highway :

Dawson Creek to The Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

ALL Photos © K. Dewey, School of Natural Resources, Applied Climate Sciences, UNL.

20 miles from Dawson Creek, a smooth well paved road. Approaching the Peace River Bridge
A natural gas line crossing the Peace River Looking west along the Peace River
One of many warnings about wildlife on the roads One of many abandoned service areas along the Highway
Midway between Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson The first view of the Rocky Mountains along the Highway
About 100 miles south of Fort Nelson  About 50 miles south of Fort Nelson.
20 miles west of Fort Nelson is a highway up to the southern portion of the Northwest Territories.  We instead continued on the Alaska Highway & entered the Northwest Territories in the northern Yukon much later in this trip. According to the RCMP, almost all accidents are single vehicle accidents along this highway and result from
#1 hitting a wild animal, or #2 driving too fast for road conditions or, #3 falling asleep while driving. 
 The Alaska Highway enters the Rocky Mountains  The Alaska Highway enters the Rocky Mountains
 The last of the excellent road conditions  The first of many road breaks with a loose gravel
 The rough winter conditions breaks up this road each year  The pavement abruptly ends with a dusty loose gravel.
 This is another abandoned business along the Highway  This is near the Continental Divide
 Summit Lake as the Highway reaches its highest point  the Alaska Highway enters a spectacular canyon
 Wildlife along the highway at the summit  spectacular mountain views along the road
Late afternoon, first day on the Alaska Highway   Late afternoon, first day on the Alaska Highway