UNL AMS Local Chapter
Tour of the Lancaster County Emergency Management Office and
the Emergency Operations Center
February 8, 2005

Reynolds Davis, Lincoln Amateur Radio Club, EOC volunteer and coordinator of the storm spotters
shows the group the county map with the locations of the spotters. On the right is the live radar for
evening we were there.  It is used during storms by the volunteer staff at the EOC.

Reynolds shows the group how the computer is used to track all of the information that is coming in from the
storm spotters.

Emergency Management Director, Doug Ahlberg explains the procedures that are used during
emergency conditions in the county.  He also reviewed what the Interns from our UNL meteorology program
do for the EOC.  The 911 facility is immediately behind the windows on the left of the image.

The tour concluded with a walk through of the 911 facility at the county city building

Meanwhile, the weather outside was bitter cold and the snow continued to fall.

All photos Ken Dewey, HPRCC, and advisor to the UNL Student AMS Chapter