The Weather Channel
Summer 2005 Photo Gallery 4.

All Images on this page are © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL.

The third studio is seen here looking from the computer floor where the off-camera meteorologists
prepare the on-air graphics.  Note the two on-camera meteorologists sitting at the anchor desk.
The primary studio is barely visible on the left with the green wall appearing almost white
due to bright lights lights overhead.

Mike Bettes on the left and Paul Goodloe on the right open the broadcast segment
"Evening Edition" from the anchor desk in this third studio.  The photo above was taken
from behind these two on-camera meteorologists just a few minutes earlier.

Mike Bettes in the middle and Paul Goodloe on the right right then turn the broadcast over to
Greg Forbes, (on the left) who is a Weather Channel Severe Storms expert.  Greg describes the
current storm pattern across the U.S.  The pen in his hand can be used to draw arrows and
other information live onto the graphics that are being broadcast.

And then it was back to Paul and Mike who started the segment with a review of the weather
highlights from the day.  Each on-camera meteorologist then took turns stepping into the primary
studio just a few feet away to illustrate the computer graphics on-air.

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