The Weather Channel
Summer 2005 Photo Gallery 3.

All Images on this page are © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL.

Jennifer Lopez on-air.  Note the blank green Chromakey wall.  Jennifer
actually sees nothing on the wall.  Her image is superimposed over the computer graphics
and goes out on-air as shown on the monitor along side the green wall.
Click here for more information on the Chromakey process.

There is a monitor on each side of the Chromakey green wall.  Note the one monitor to the left
of Jennifer and the edge of the other monitor on the right edge of this image.
There is also a monitor directly in front of her (but now shown on this image).

 Jennifer constantly observes the monitors around her as she moves her arm
in front of the blank green wall.  Note the final monitor just to her side and
you can see the actual weather computer graphic with her put into the broadcast image.

This is an entirely open facility with the computer area for the off-camera meteorologists
just off in the distance and the Global Forecast Center in the back of the room.

Mike Bettes is now on-air and at the second green wall in the primary studio.  There are two
Chromakey green walls to accommodate the different heights of the on-camera meteorologists.
The cameras are not "manned" by anyone and are robotic.  There are two on-camera meteorologists
at the anchor desk and each can go on-air during the same segment without adjusting
the camera for their different heights by using these two different locations.

Mike Bettes is now on-air, and as he moves his arm to point out a feature on the weather map,
the green wall is blank, so he must look at the monitor (along the side of the green
wall and in front of him) to make sure he is pointing at the right location.
 The monitor behind Carl shows the final product as it goes out on air.

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