The Weather Channel
Summer 2005 Photo Gallery 2.

All Images on this page are © Ken Dewey, School of Natural Resources, UNL.

Looking across the floor toward the primary on-air studio.  Note the two bright green
Chromakey walls in the distance (slightly left of center).  This is the area where
the off-camera meteorologists prepare the graphics for the on-air presentation
and they provide information directly to the on-camera meteorologists about breaking
weather news, timely weather facts and figures, etc.

Looking back from the primary on-air studio across the floor where the off-camera
meteorologists prepare the on-air content and in the distance is the Global Weather Center.

Carl Parker and Jennifer Lopez in the primary studio and at the anchor desk during
the "PM Edition" time slot.

Jennifer Lopez at the anchor desk.  Note the monitors in front of her.  The glass windows on top
of the desk are also monitors.  This allows her to see what is going out on the air while she
reports on the current weather across the U.S.

This was a one-hour break while the Weather Channel presented their evening "Storm Stories".
This is the view that the anchors have while on-air.  Note the monitors in the desk as well as in
the grouping just beyond the desk as well as along the side of the Green walls.  The tripod on
the left is not normally there but was used by me during the photo session.  I am also on the
monitor on the lower left but was not on-air.

There are two rows of monitors with another monitor on top of the second row.  Above the single
monitor and on a pole is a teleprompter (there are two lines of text) that is primarily used at
the start of each on-air segment.   Again, this was a one-hour break in on-air production
which meant although I was on the monitor I was NOT on-air.

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