Photo Gallery 2
Lake Mead at Hoover Dam
October 2006
All Images (unless noted otherwise) © Ken Dewey, HPRCC, NDMC

Looking at the dam and the 4 water intakes.
the red lines which indicate the reservoir level at capacity.  The next image is a close up of the dam
and the bridge being built to replace US 93 travel across the top of the dam.

Two red lines point to the traffic crossing the top of the dam.
In a few years, traffic will travel across the Colorado river gorge on a suspension bridge
currently under construction.  Note the two red lines pointing to the pillars in the distance.

 This view is downstream from atop Hoover Dam.  Note the bridge
construction on each side of the gorge (crane on the left, pillars on the right).

A close up view of bridge construction

A close up view of bridge construction

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A view of the bridge construction with Hoover Dam in the Distance.