January 2009 Lake Mead and Hoover Dam Photos

January 2009: Lake Mead behind Hoover Dam.  The red lines indicate where the elevation would be if the lake were full.  The white "bathtub ring" is the result of exposing rocks that were at one time
under the water and collecting mineral deposits.  A clear glass, for example, dipped in water and then allowed to dry will have mineral deposit "spots" on the glass.

January 2009: Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.
 The red line (and change in color on the dam, shows the level of the lake when it is at full elevation.

January 2009: Lake Mead.  The current water level is well below this spillway.

January 2009: Lake Mead and Hoover Dam from an overlook on the Boulder Highway

January 2009: Lake Mead at Hoover Dam.  Note the construction in the distance of the new Hoover Dam Bypass highway.

January 2009: A closer view of the Hoover Dam bypass Highway construction.

January 2009: An even closer look at the construction

January 2009: An even closer look from the highway heading away from the visitor's center