Lake McConaughy, Nebraska (Update, July 1, 2006)
A Major Drought Continues to Severely Impact The Reservoir
Lake McConaughy is falling below the level it was at last year at this time!

See the person along the water's edge?

Image © D. Gutzmer, Kingsley Dam at Lake McConaughy, June 2006: High Plains Regional Climate Center.
The top of the white colored rock indicates the height of the standing water under normal conditions.

NOTE:  The reservoir (lake) is full when the water reaches the level of the horizontal boom
which connects the outlet tower on the left and the spillway tower on the right.

Lake McConaughy Elevation June 30, 2005 - June 30, 2006

Lake McConaughy Statistics, June 30, 2005 vs June 30, 2006
June 30, 2005
June 30, 2006
3217.4 feet
3215.8 feet
-1.6 feet
Below max elevation
-52.6 feet
-54.2 feet
-1.6 feet
% Capacity
644,100 acre feet
612,500 acre feet
-31,600 acre feet
Amount below capacity
1,256,500 acre feet
1,288,100 acre feet
-31,600 acre feet
Maximum elevation is 3270 feet.
maximum volume (storage) is 1,900,600 acre feet

Lake McConaughy Quick Facts:
  •  The lake north of Ogallala on the North Platte River is Nebraska 's largest reservoir.
  • It was filled in 1952 after Kingsley Dam's completion in 1941.
  • Lake McConaughy was built for irrigation but it is also popular for recreation.
  • Lake McConaughy is 22.1 miles long at maximum pool and is 142 feet deep at maximum depth when full. 
  • The Outlet Tower height is 185 feet high and the Spillway Tower is 172 feet high.
  • The Spillway Tower has 12 gates which are 16 feet high and 22 feet wide.
  • The Outlet tower is used for normal water release (water enters the tower at the bottom of the reservoir).  Water enters the hydroplant from this tower. 
  • The Spillway Tower is used only in the event of very high water and is a flood control outlet for the reservoir. 
  • Kingsley Dam is 162 feet in height, 28 feet wide at the top and 3.1 miles long.
The information source for these data is the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District. 

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Map Showing Location of Lake McConaughy Relative to Interstate 80 in western Nebraska

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