Hawaii Lava Flows: Kalapana Gardens, Hawaii.


All Photos © K. Dewey, SNR, UNL.


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Approaching the Kalapana Gardens lava Flow.  The highway ends and a single lane rough road travels over the lava.

Travelling across the Kalapana Gardens lava Flow.  See map at the end of the photos.  


Travelling across the Kalapana Gardens lava flow on a single lane road.


The active lava flow is quite close to the original town of Kalapana Gardens.


This entire community was overrun by lava, the active lava flow is nearby, but a few homes have begun to be rebuilt.


Example of another home rebuilt on top of the recent lava flow.


Entering the lava viewing area with a sign board showing the various warnings. 

The pathway is marked by yellow stripes, but it is very dangerous with a very uneven surface.


Off to the side of the path is the active lava flow.  Note the smoke from the cooling lava and burning trees.


Close up view of the active lava flow.   


Several miles along the path with the steam plume from the lava entering the and the Pacific Ocean.


There are two lava vents entering the Pacific Ocean with the newer one on the right entering since February 2009.


Getting closer to the lava flow entering the Ocean.  






Glowing lava at night


Glowing lava at night 


The lava enters the Pacific Ocean causing a glowing red inside the steam plume.


Glowing lava at night with multiple explosions.



TWO MAPS of the Area: