The Dempster Highway (Northbound), Yukon and Northwest Territories Canada - Summer 2008

ALL Photos © K. Dewey, School of Natural Resources, Applied Climate Sciences, UNL.

Photo Set Two

The mid way point along the highway. The Eagle Plains Hotel is located at the Arctic Circle.
Six minutes after Midnight and the sun is still out A photogenic sky at midnight in the Arctic
Looking north at the midnight sun (six minutes after midnight) Looking directly north from the Arctic Circle monument at midnight
July 5, 2008:  Eagle Plains, Yukon (Arctic Circle) gas price.
$1.78 per liter = $7.12 for 4 liters.  4 liters = 1.06 gallons

converts to $6.72 per gallon (Canadian $)
converts to $6.86 per gallon (U.S. $)
conversion rate as of July 5, 2008

Total purchase = $95.46
The Dempster Highway is also an emergency airstrip  
Arctic tundra flowers The Highway winds north  toward the Northwest Territories border
This is a favorite Caribou crossing in May and September The road is actually quite smooth through here
Some Arctic Tundra flowers along the Dempster Highway The deserted Tundra stretches off to the horizon
The white appearing just below the surface is permafrost at the Northwest Territories Border
The truck traffic caused us to frequently pull over to the
side to avoid the flying rocks
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Note the thick gravel base to avoid melting of the permafrost
The Peel River and the first ferry crossing is in the distance