The Dempster Highway (Northbound), Yukon and Northwest Territories Canada - Summer 2008

ALL Photos © K. Dewey, School of Natural Resources, Applied Climate Sciences, UNL.

Photo Set One

Just outside Dawson, Yukon at the start northbound of the Highway 450 miles (747 km) ) of wilderness driving.
Mile 0 of the Highway with Mammatus clouds and a thunderstorm! No gasoline for 370 kilometers!!
A narrow wooden bridge 3 miles along the highway,
the end of pavement
With a mountain range barely visible in the distance, we head
up a narrow gravel road through a forest
A very muddy road with lots of potholes The road climbs into mountains about 45 minutes into the drive
it was cloudy, but that is typical for this area in the summer some remaining ice in a river next to the highway
Although it was early July, the mid-day temperature was only 48 F This area is cloudy about 85% of the time in Summer
more left over winter snow and ice as we reach the Tundra A thaw lake. Permafrost has been melting rapidly the last decade
Tundra flowers the tree line is below this elevation so it is all Tundra and permafrost
Tundra vegetation although the surface is thawed, permafrost is just below the surface
the fragile Tundra vegetation only a few trees survive this far north
Just had to stop and take a photo of the sign :) A traffic jam on the Highway. 
Most of the traffic was trucks  moving supplies up north
Note the large size rocks, we pulled over often to avoid flying rock The dust is a nuisance and a hazard along the highway
The road was washed out here 2 days earlier due a thunderstorm this was very primitive driving conditions along the highway
A slight increase in elevation brought us above the tree line again Small old trees which grow only slightly each brief summer
A few trees trying to survive in the Arctic Tundra Some Tundra vegetation