Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium 2008, Scenes around the Exhibit Areas - PART 2.

 Project Greentown, Greensburg, KS Benefit. 

 Mike Mogil, author of the new book, "Extreme Weather" at a book signing. 

 State Farm Insurance was one of our major sponsors!


 CoCORahs on the left and NeRain on the right.

 Jon Davies, author of the new book, Storm Chasers" at a book signing. 

 Jon Davies at his book signing.

 Barnes and Noble sold many weather related books throughout the day.


 Nebraska Task Force One, Search and Rescue Dogs. 

 Nebraska Task Force One, Search and Rescue Dogs.

 The National Drought Mitigation Center 

 The reTree Nebraska Program 

 Severe weather Poster displays were displayed throughout Hardin Hall 

 Heather, with the CPSWS and Weatherfest  Event Planning Student Team keeps everyone informed of what's happening at the symposium and weatherfest.

 American Red Cross, Lancaster County

 High Plains Regional Climate Center instrument display.

 Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications.

 Environmental Studies Program 

 IANR-Department of Agricultural Economics 

 Two SNR Graduate Students who gave many hours to make this event a great success. 


 State Farm Insurance


 On the left, State Farm Insurance Catastrophe Van and on the right, the I-80 motorist assist Van