Aerial Photos of Hawaii, Near Volcanoes National Park:  June 2009


All Photos © K. Dewey, SNR, UNL.


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Ready to board the flight over Hawaii conducted by Big Island Air

Their Cessna Caravans are the only turbine-engine, jet-prop tour airplanes in the state. Originally configured for 13 passengers, they have adopted a 9-passenger configuration for guaranteed window seating and extra comfort for everyone. The safety, reliability and performance of this aircraft coupled with air-conditioning and spacious interior make their airplanes the premier island touring machine

Pilot Greg gives a pre-flight briefing.

There's plenty of room on the plane, & with a turboprop engine, the flight was smooth and perfect for photography

Kilauea crater in Volcanoes National Park with smoke coming from the Halema`uma`u Crater

A portion of Crater Rim Drive, between Jaggar Museum and the Chain of Craters Road junction, is closed indefinitely due to the new vent that opened within Halema`uma`u Crater (inside the larger Kilauea crater) in March 2008. Note: Chain of Craters Road remains OPEN. Lava flows are flowing to the ocean both inside and outside the eastern boundary of the park. However, lava is very far (9 to 11 miles roundtrip) from the end of Chain of Craters Road within the park. The easiest access for visitors is outside the park, via Hwy 130. For more information visit: Lava Flows to the Ocean.

Kilauea crater in Volcanoes National Park

The "chain of craters" road in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

The "chain of craters" road in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

A dormant volcanic cone in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Lava flows just southeast of Volcanoes National Park.  Note the remaining roads and trees.

The top of the lava flow is crusted over (gray in color) with some smoke coming up through the lava.

Note the active lava flow (gray color) in the middle of the photo.

Smoke rises from the lava flow and a small portion of forest and roads remains uncovered 

This is the main lava flow coming out of the Kilauea volcano.

The lava flows have eliminated several neighborhoods just outside the park.

This lava flow covered almost all of Kalapana Gardens (see map below).  Rebuilding has started to take place.

Note the remaining roads and one remaining home toward the right edge of the photo.  This was the Royal Gardens area.

Here are two maps of the lava flows in this area.  Photos continue after the maps.


A new tongue of flowing lava is eliminating the remaining portion of forest SE of the Park. 

New lava flow, and burning trees are evident.  Note the house to the left. 

Zooming in closer to the house surrounded by lava. 

Smoke rises from the fresh lava (gray surface, lower left). 

The Pu'u Oo Crater, is off to the left and smoke marks the path of the underground lava flow

The main lava tube stretches from the volcano down to the ocean (note the steam plume in the distance).

The Pu'u Oo Crater, with smoke rising

The Pu'u Oo Crater, with smoke rising

Close up view

Note the lava spreading into the forest with trees that have burned and fallen to the ground on the left.

Smoke rises from the lava

There is a house remaining (redish color roof, toward the lower left)

Here is a close up of the house in the above photo.

This is an opening to the main lava tube.  The red is the hot (1,000F) lava just beneath the surface.

This is where the main lava flow enters the ocean.  Note the white object lower right corner.

The shelf built up by the lava begins to collapse

The shelf further collapses

Close up view of the steam plume where the lava enters the sea  

Note the white object in the lower center....its a house! 

closer view of the house 

and closer yet.  Note the house is on stilts and survived the repeated lava flows.